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We are the factory mainly design and produce all types of CNC Router machines, which with more than 10 years experience:

  • 10 years focus on CNC router manufacturing
  • Customized solution for your diy CNC router
  • Professional after sale team provide you trainning

About Anbu CNC

Anbu CNC was founded in 2010, which is one professional china CNC router manufacturer. we are committed to the development and manufacture of different type of CNC router machines. such as CNC wood routers, stone CNC carving machines, metal CNC machines, 3D CNC routers etc.

As a leading company manufacturing in China, we have our own designer which are constantly innovating and developing over 10 years, our efforts bring us stable customers from home and abroad, you can find our products in over 50 countries from Europe, Africa, Mid east, America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia etc.

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We have stock for usual type of CNC router machine which can be delivery at once after you confirm

Our Products

mable granite stone cnc router

Stone CNC Router LT1325

Working size:1300*2500mm. It is special for engraving&cutting all kinds of stone, such as marble, granite, tombstone, sandstone etc.

headstone cnc router LT1420-2

Headstone CNC Router

Max working size: 1400*2000mm, with two independent heads, so it can process 2 pcs of stone in the same design at the same time.

Advertising CNC Router

Max working size:1300*2500mm. It's an economic machine, suitable for processing all kinds of wood, acrylic, MDF, foam, metal, etc.

aluminum cnc milling machine

Metal CNC Milling Machine

Max working size:1300*2500mm. Aluminum&cooper 3D CNC Router is suitable for engraving relief on aluminum, copper metal.

aluminum wall cnc router

Aluminum Panel Cutting Machine

Max working size: 2000*5000mm. It is special for aluminum panel cutting, drilling, grooving, and equipped with an aluminum collector.

CCD contour cutting cnc router

CNC Router With Camera

Max working size: 1300*2500mm.with contour cutting function, suitable for cutting sign&logo from the acrylic/kitty board, etc.

Why Choose Us

Good Quality Control

We have quality control system for each CNC router machine testing. we will test it before delivery.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can give you custom design services for your size CNC router machine, OEM accept.

Competitive Price

We can give you competitive price for the CNC router machine to help you enlarge your local business.

Fast Delivery Time

We can give you 7-15 days fast delivery time for your OEM CNC router machine order.


Lucky to find ANBUCNC on internet, we purchase the right CNC router machine for our client with less price than other local competitor.
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
It is my first time to purchase wood CNC router machine from China. good quality. they give me good advice on delivery and custom clearance.
Roger M Lambdin
Company Owner
They give us fast respond for CNC router machine software question, even it is not working time. it give us big help for our projects.
John Phillip
Company Manager

Custom CNC Router is Accept Basis on Your Request

our designer can design your custom CNC router machine basis on your detail requirements.

How We Produce

raw material

1: Raw Material

cutting material

2: Cutting Material

milling material

3: Milling Material

drilling material

4: Drilling Material

welding material

5: Welding Material

Paint Spraying

6: Paint Spraying


7: Assembling

Done CNC router

8: Finish product

Frequently Asked Questions

Our payment term is : T/T, D/P and LC at sight. Mostly client use is TT 30% deposit, the balance money paid before shipment.

For the delivery time depend on the quantities. usually for less than 3 sets of CNC Router Machines, the delivery time is about 7 working days. Sometimes, we have machines in stock.

Yes, we are the manufacturer of CNC Router machines more than 10 years, our experienced technical team have been providing more than 150 types of customized cnc router machines.

CNC Stands for Computer numerical control. It is also famous for many other terminologies like CNC routing machine, CNC carver, CNC cutter, CNC engraver, digital router, CNC carving machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, C and C router, CNC router machine, CNC router kit, CNC router table.

This tool is used for cutting, grooving, drilling, milling, sanding, polishing, carving, engraving of every kind of material i.e.

  • Softwood
  • Solid wood
  • Plywood
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • PVC
  • PCB
  • ACM
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • copper
  • MDF
  • Stone
  • Foam

The tool is capable of using a computer numerical control route path to run the machine functionality. These routers are used in small to large industries like schools, education, and other manufacturing businesses. With the invention of this innovative tool, time is reduced, and productivity is increased.

A CNC router is utilized to produce items such as door carvings, wood panels, signboards, interior, and exterior decorations, wooden frames, moldings, musical instruments, furniture, and many more. Moreover, they are used in thermoforming of plastics via automating the trimming process.

1, Furniture Making: Utilizing a CNC machine is an ideal decision to create enormous amounts of furniture, and on the off chance that you need to transform your creative mind into the real world and make some exciting furnishings. A CNC switch is ideal for the work. CNC router can deliver a broad scope of individual tailor furniture, including beds, eating sets, seats, flight of stairs, window, present-day furniture, office furniture, and so forth

2, Cabinet Making: Give your kitchen a make-over with a bunch of created cupboards utilizing your CNC machine. This innovation fits the production of racks, sideboards, dados, cabinet fronts, and custom entryways.

3, Sign Making: A CNC machine is ideal for creating advertising signs since it is adaptable enough for digital cutting, 3D cutting, fluting, shape profiling, and etching.

4, Crafts and Art: The scope of expressions and artworks you can create with your CNC router is practically boundless, for example, adornments, mirror and picture outlines, coins, Christmas enhancements, and plaques.

5, Design: They are broadly utilized compositional millwork. Due to the incredible detail a CNC machine can create, you can make sensitive plans for a wide range of novel engineering contacts.

While choosing the best CNC ROUTER machine, we need to consider many factors, and then we need to make a list of which aspect is more important to us than the other one. For example, most people think about the low price, but you can’t get a low price and high quality at the same time, so they will have to choose one thing at one time. There are many factors which we need to evaluate, such as the nature of work, price range, and quality of the router, the production capacity of the router, size, and material of the workpiece.

Nature of your work:

First of all, you need to specify your requirements regarding your nature of work. You can’t go for the “all in one package” if you want to choose the best CNC router. We have classified different type of routers according to different nature of work, such as:

  • Small CNC router:

If your nature of work is related to the advertisement, e.g., posters, signage, so you will need the router machines with high accuracy and precision, you can go for the small CNC routers available in the market.

  • Standard CNC router:

If your work is of wooden nature, such as wood crafted doors, furniture, decorations, and other industries, then you can go for 4×8 Wood CNC Routers and Large Format CNC Routers.

  • ATC CNC router:

If your work is of a complicated type or you want innovative designs such as wooden table furniture with little complexities, you can choose from automated models of CNC routers.

  • Stone CNC router:

If your work is related to stones, marble, and granite, you can go for the stone CNC routers available in the market.

Quality of the router:

After we have decided what type of router we need for our work, we shall evaluate, compare the quality of different router suppliers available in the marketplace. Ultimately the internal structure or gadgets of different routers are the same. Still, the quality varies according to their brand’s image, price range, professionalism, and workforce, so we need to keep all the essential factors such as advantages and disadvantages in our mind and then compare them on the basis of high-quality assurance.

Delivery and guidance of the router:

After purchasing of router machine, what will be the procedure regarding delivery inspection and for the installation of the router? The user manual should be understandable enough for everyone. Installation of the machine should be done by the technicians of the supplier. After the installation is complete, use the set up to do a trial. If the trial is complete successfully, then you can use it for work. The trial performer should have command of the basics of computer operations.

Yes,  we can sell as one set CNC router machine for you. if the quality is good, you can purchase much in next time.

Yes, OEM service is available. we can use your own brand and print your logo on the machine.

In their most fundamental structure, a CNC router comprises four segments, the cutting bed, the shaft (spindle), the drive framework, and the regulator. The cutting bed bolsters the material during its cutting. Entire cutting is done by the spindle. The drive framework is an arm that interfaces with the spindle permitting its movement in three ways, and the controllers give instructions to the arm in which heading to move the axle.

In many CNC routers drive framework permits the shaft to move and cut in three ways along the X, Y and Z-pivot. The X-pivot operates from right to left, the Y-hub runs left to right, and the Z-hub runs all over. This permits the machine to cut some intriguing and complex shapes considerably more precisely and rapidly than a machine worked by a human.

In order to make the machine operational, the regulator has to know which heading to move and how many portions to cut. This data is provided in .dxf extension digital format. It is then changed over into a 2D or 3D picture utilizing programming, for example, G-code. This can be either inserted on the gadget or installed on a different PC associated with the machine.

When the last picture has been made, it is transferred to the CNC regulator, which changes over the digital signals into differing voltages and flows. This permits the arm to move with fantastic exactness. The machine at that point follows the arrangement decisively to make the eventual outcome in considerably less time than a human could accomplish.

The most common types of CNC routers are:

  • CNC Wood Router
  • Hobby CNC Router
  • Metal CNC router
  • Stone CNC router
  • 4 axis/rotary CNC router
  • ATC CNC Router
  • 3D CNC router

CNC wood router

CNC wood router is one of the types of CNC router which uses a computer numerically controlled system for a sharp and elegant carving, three-dimensional cutting, crushing, drilling, and crafting of woodworks. The wood router works almost the same as any other CNC machine. CNC wood router comprises of CNC monitor, fixture, gantry, spindles, CNC application system, CNC software, driver, motor, screwball, vacuum table and pump, power supply, limit switch, band, and a chain.  If we use this setup time rather than a human force-time efficiency, work accuracy and précised models of wood-crafting will be achieved.

Types of wood routers:

There are different types of wood routers according to different kinds of table sizes, their method of application, and axis.

Table sizes:

  • Mini/Small CNC wood router
  • 2×3 CNC wood router table
  • 2×4 CNC wood router table
  • 4×4 CNC wood router table
  • 4×6 CNC wood router table
  • 4×8 CNC wood router table
  • 5×10 CNC wood router table
  • 6×12 CNC wood router table.

 Kinds of Application

  • Home CNC wood router machine,
  • Desktop CNC wood router machine,
  • 3D CNC wood router machine,
  • Hobby CNC wood router machine,
  • Industrial CNC wood router machine.

Types of Axis:

  • 3 axis CNC wood router,
  • 4 axis CNC wood router,
  • 5 axis CNC wood router.

Hobby CNC router:

A hobby CNC router is one of the types of routers which are also called small CNC router, desktop CNC Router, Mini CNC router because of small size as compared to other routers. The hobby CNC router has a compact structure and a small footprint, so easily moveable and operate able. The hobby CNC router is popular among woodworking hobbyists and in the advertising industry due to its small size. According to function hobby, CNC router is mainly classified into the low-power small CNC machine and high-power small CNC machine.

Low power CNC machine:

The low-power CNC machine includes a small motor power, which generally from 80W to 200W. Because of its short motor power, it can only be used for mild processing with fewer grooving surfaces at a time, such as badges, sand table models, etc.

High power small CNC router:

 A high-power small CNC router includes a machine whose engraving motor power is above 700W. This type of mini CNC machine can be used for both low and high power engraving. They are used in the manufacturing of crystal characters, various types of advertising signs, irregular cutting of plates, artificial stone processing, etc.

Metal CNC router

A metal CNC router is a type of router which is a computer numerically controlled device for carving, cutting, grooving, or crafting metal materials. CNC metal router comprises of a four-step procedure

  • firstly, Layout a CAD model, Secondly, translate the CAD model into a CNC program,
  • Thirdly, Set up the CNC machine
  • Lastly, carry out the machining.

Metal routers are made exclusively for molding eyeglasses, watch, panels, badges, brands, graphics, and 3D alphabets.

Stone CNC router:

Stone CNC router consists of a computer numerically controlled system for stone machining.  Stone CNC machines are used for modifying, engraving, crushing, and polishing for marble, granite, artificial stone, and ceramic tiles. Stone CNC routers are highly used for kitchen accessories such as marble cabinets, marble shelf’s surface, and decoration products such as gift box, jewelry box, and other exquisite art crafts and for advertising purposes such as billboards, display panels, house numbers, decoration, 3D characters, and alphabets.

4 axis CNC routers:

 4 axis CNC router includes X, Y, and Z, A-axis, in which X-Y-Z-A, X-Y-Z-B, or X-Y-Z-C, 4 axis are joined together, the four-axis can be operated at the same time. 4 axis CNC router machine will make working possibly on both sides, which is not on 3 axis CNC router. 4 axis is also called a rotary axis. 4 Axis CNC Router is used for Carpentry purposes such as wooden doors, cabinets, panel, office, solid wood furniture, doors and windows of tables and chairs and advertising purposes such as logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, and various materials for advertising decorations. And Panel Processing such as insulation parts, bowling track, stairs, and other carbon mixtures.4 axis CNC routers are also used in aluminum works.

 ATC CNC router

ATC is an abbreviation of automatic tool changer. It is a type of CNC router which includes an automatic tool changer spindle. The spindle consists of 6 cutters or 8 cutters or 10 cutters or 12 cutters. The CNC router tools automatically switch according to the working conditions without operating manually, which will ultimately increase work efficiency. There are two basic types of ATC CNC machines:

  • Linear ATC CNC router
  • Disc ATC CNC router.

3D CNC router

A type of CNC router machine which fits the best according to the needs of engraving, carving, and cutting on a detailed three-dimensional project. 3D CNC routers are widely used for crafting or carving the human body, sculptures, handicrafts, stairs railing, and musical instruments.

What should we consider for choose one CNC router manufacturer ? we need to do proper R&D and evaluate different factors such as after-sale services, pre-sales guidance, manufacturer production strength, etc.

Services provided by the manufacturer:

We all know that when purchasing any equipment or goods, service is a very important factor, whether it is pre-sale service or perfect after-sales service. In case of such technical equipment purchase, perfect after-sales service is very important, as well as professional pre-sales guidance.

Pre-sale service:

When we talk about pre-sale services, we have to evaluate whether the manufacturer has a proper professional team who has qualified employees with proper knowledge of the machine, CNC industry, and the router’s application whether they are providing you with all-day online and offline services or not.

Perfect after-sales service:

After purchasing the machine, we will have to face a series of complications, such as machine operation, machine maintenance, and other related problems. At this time, the perfect after-sales service of the manufacturer will be very helpful to our workforce. We need to clear with the manufacturer which type of after-sales services they will provide, which services will be free of cost, and which will be charged. Will the manufacturer provide onsite training, parts replacement, and machine repair services?

 Manufacturer’s production strength:

 The company’s production strength basically considers the company’s size. The company establishes time, the research and development potential of new products, and the kinds of products granted by the company. In the case of the CNC routers machine industry, all these factors are considered. When we talk about the size of the manufacturer company, the larger the scale, the more reliable the production strength is. Secondly, the longer period the company is established, the more accurate the production experience is. The higher the qualifications of the R & D workforce in the company’s R & D department, the more the R & D experience, the stronger the R & D potential. The diversity of products provided by the factory is also a reflection of the company’s strength. A company with a single product is not enough to meet the different needs of customers.

These are the two basic points which we need to analyze if we want to choose the best manufacturer of CNC router:

  • The machine can handle large pieces of work
  • The machine is Multi-Functioning and offers the best controls in the market.

For choosing the best CNC router manufacturer, we need to do proper research. There are many possible sources available to buy CNC routers from the right manufacturer. From the well reputed online forms, you may buy these machines in a short time. There are few ways to find them online, which are given below:


  1. Google

First, you have to benchmark the most reputed companies who offer B2B services on google. If you google it, you will get the top best result on the first page. From google, you may choose the best forum to get B2B and B2C services. The websites of these companies provide you with a list of the best manufacturers for your CNC routers.


There are two well known online forums.

  1. Alibaba
  2. Made-in-China 




Alibaba is one of the best product sourcing companies in China. From Alibaba, you can get the best manufacturer for CNC routers. You may check each and every aspect regarding the routers. You can also check the reviews of the manufacturer and delivery time.  The website provides you with the information of the company and their certification, No of employees, company location with pictorial evidence, MOQ and their licenses. They also offer you an option to verify the manufacturer information from the third-party for your complete satisfaction. You can get a sample and get a maximum discount on bulk purchasing.


Another product sourcing company located in china. It also offers the same services as Alibaba. Due to the authenticity of this company, you can find a manufacturer within a second by applying the desired filters. From this source, you can get the information of different vendors and wholesalers. You can get the audited suppliers. On the basis of reviews and third-party authentication, you may check the manufacturer quality and get the opportunity of maxim discount on bulk purchasing.

2. Canton Fair

In autumn and spring China organized a Canton fair every year. This is one of the best oldest fairs, which is famous for trading opportunities all around the world. You may register yourself for this fair to grab the opportunity to check their products live and meet with potential manufacturers.

  1. Social Networking Sites (SNS)


Now Social media provides you multiple channels to find a good manufacturer for your product. There are many official pages available of every registered company on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In etc. This is the shortest way to filter many desired manufacturers.


  1. Visit Factory

For more satisfaction, you can personally visit some factories to see the product manufacturer and result to get the first-hand experience. This is the best way to inspect the product features. You may also meet your business partner for mature understanding.


It is the best way to inspect the product you are going to buy shortly. In this way, you get the chance to know your business partner for the next business deals.

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