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As one professional 4×8 CNC router machine supplier in China, We can supply different 4×8 CNC router machine for stone, wood & metal etc.
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As a leading 4×8 CNC Router manufacturer in China, we have more than 10 years CNC router production experience. our own designer constantly innovating and developing different 4×8 CNC router machine, we can manufacture different type of 4×8 CNC router machines. such as CNC stone cutting machine, wood CNC router, metal CNC router, 3D CNC engraving machine etc.

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Popular 4×8 CNC Router Machine

Cheap 4x8 cnc router

Working size:130cm*250cm
Application: engraving and cutting various of advertsing boards, such as acrylic,MDF etc.

4x8 cnc router with press roll

Working size:130cm*250cm
Application: Widely used for special-shaped cutting small pieces of advertising media.

4x8 cnc router with camera

Working size:130cm*250cm
Application: with contour cutting function, speical for cutting design of advertsing board.

4x8 wood cnc router

Working size:130cm*250cm
Special for all kinds of wood, engraving relief, line, word, special-shaped cuting&sloting,etc.

4x8 wood cnc router with rotory

Working size:Φ30cm*250cm
Used for engraving both flat board and column wood, such as wood furniture.

4x8 wood cnc router with 3 heads

Working size:130*250cm
Special for all kinds of wood, engraving relief, line, word, special-shaped cuting&sloting,etc.

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We have quality control system for each CNC router machine testing. we will test it before delivery.

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Our own designer can give you custom design services for your size CNC router machine, OEM accept.

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We can give you competitive price for the CNC router machine to help you enlarge your local business.

Fast Delivery Time

We can give you 7-15 days fast delivery time for your OEM CNC router machine order.

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cnc router

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Plywood package of CNC Router

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CNC Router

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Your can visit our stone CNC router machine factory directly, we are located in zhengzhou city. the middle of China. it is 30 minutes by car from the near international xinzheng airport.

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Lucky to find ANBUCNC on internet, we purchase the right CNC router machine for our client with less price than other local competitor.
Jhone Smith
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It is my first time to purchase wood CNC router machine from China. good quality. they give me good advice on delivery and custom clearance.
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They give us fast respond for CNC router machine software question, even it is not working time. it give us big help for our projects.
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The Ultimate Guide for 4×8 CNC Router

The Ultimate Guide of 4×8 CNC router machine type, function, standard and feature.

Best 4×8 CNC Router Suppliers in China

Anbu CNC is one leading 4×8 CNC router manufacturer in middle of China. we located in Zhengzhou city, which is 30 minutes from airport. we mainly produce variety of 4×8 CNC router machine,  CNC cutting machine, stone CNC center machine and different style of CNC router machine for wood, metal, stone etc.

For our CNC router machine factory have more than 50 workers, we can produce your order in short delivery time. we will delivery each order in 20 days, so we can help your business in short time.

We have CE EN certificate for Europe client market.  it can give you quality cnc router machine promise. our experienced team is committed to provide customers with higher quality, faster delivery for your CNC router order.

We supply your one year free after sales services, for CNC router parts can free supply if machine have quality problem. our professional after-sales make us enjoy a good reputation among our clients.

Send your CNC router inquiry to us get fast quote now!

The Ultimate Guide to The 4×8 CNC Router

The CNC router is a computer numerical control router that transforms or processes the stones or metal or wood. You can transfigure all kinds of stones like granite, tombstone, artificial stones, marble, etc., into any shape or design. you can use cnc router to treat metal and wood as your working need.

This ultimate FAQ will guide you about the 4×8  CNC router machine purchase.

1. What is a 4x8 CNC Router?

4X8 CNC router is one of the best routers, which is extremely reliable and efficient. It has a large table with dimensions of 4′x8′ furnished with large handles to support. There are many options available to get a customized table with your required dimensions. But if you ask which size is the best selling, it is only a 4×8 CNC router because it is most commonly used.

4×8 CNC router machines are mainly used for the most popular woodworking, including cabinet making, wood door making, sign making, furniture production. The Router is used to process many kinds of materials, which are wood, acrylic, plastic, plywood, MDF, glass, foam, crystal, and other non-metallic materials. I can also process some soft metallic materials like copper or aluminum sheets.

Some features of the 4×8 CNC router.

  • 4’ x 8’ Phenolic Worktable

  • Vectoral Traverse Speed

  • Hiteco Electrospindle
  • Automatic Tool Change Rack

  • Vertical Drilling Unit
  • Dust Extraction Hood

  • Independent Vacuum Zones

  • Touchscreen Display
  • Mobile Control Console

  • GUI interface
  • Network & USB Ports
stone cnc router machine

2. How does a 4x8 CNC Router work?

4×8 CNC Routers work with a little creativity and effort to produce a number of things you want. The working of this Router is the same as a simple CNC router. These machines are efficient enough to handle a full sheet of plywood which makes material prep a breeze. 4×8 CNC Routers are fully professional equipment, or They can be a good asset for hobbyist woodworkers.


 It works on a series of pre-programmed commands. Generally, the Router works on basic three commands.


  1. In this step, the user must have a G-code file to process the project. If users don’t have G-code, then they should have a vector file. In a vector file, there is a DXF file extension that is based on the detail of the x,y, z-axis. These details explain how the image will be rendered. For this purpose, CAD is a graphical application that gives you the opportunity to design your vectors.
  2. After designing the vector now, you have to convert your vector into G-code. For this purpose, there is CAM software that offers you to convert your vector file into G-Code.
  3. With CNC control applications that run all the G-Code and develop the required design.

3. What to look for when you are buying your first 4×8 CNC Router?

When you have a plan to buy a new or old 4×8 CNC Router, there are a number of worthy consideration points that should be in your mind when you are choosing them.


There are a variety of power options available in 4×8 wood CNC machines. These options come in the range of 110v sockets to 220v and 3 phase power. The power of 110v-220v can easily be found in a woodcutter’s shop. But 3 phases can only be found in industrial locations, which is a bit difficult for non-professionals.


To overcome the 3-phase issue now, converters are available, which are added to the existing power supply. The latest CNC routers have built-in converters for a 3-phase power supply which are rather costly.


There are many customizable sizes available in the market to cope with projects. The size and weight of the CNC Router are also a major issue to get them in your shop. Must consider how much weight your shop can hold.




CNC machines of size 4×8 are suitable for beginners and for small projects. These machines are not suitable for large projects. So must consider the project’s requirements at first and then proceed. The basic level 4×8 CNC doesn’t have built-in hold down capabilities which is up to date, For example, Installing their own t-track system or installing vacuum pump systems on their own. It is suitable for small projects or mostly preferred for college students to do practical projects.




4×8 CNC routers work every day, so the quality is a huge deal for buyers. So, ask your manufacturer to provide you with a warranty certificate if you are buying new or ask them for a repair policy if you are going to buy an old one. So choose the right option which is durable and meets the project criteria.


4×8 CNC routers are available to work with standard palm routers. Some are offered to you with liquid-cooled, which are efficient enough to bear a higher workload just stay quiet.




The speed at which the router cuts and moves across the table are worth considering. Cutting speeds can range from 200 IPM (inches per minute) to over 2,000 IPM on the higher-end models of 4×8 CNC Routers. So Choose the right speed model to fulfill your work requirements.


4×8 CNC routers are available with or without a built-in controller system. So, the routers are a bit expensive who offer built-in controllers as compared to those without built-in. The advantage of built-in controllers is they offer to drive or memory card connectivity, so you can easily download cut patterns directly to the machine. On the other hand, computers are required to connect with machines for more accurate cutting.


Prices for 4×8 CNC routers may vary from brand to brand. It starts from $3,000 minimum. So, get the right model that meets your requirement within your budget

4. What type of maintenance does a 4×8 CNC router need?

To increase the lifespan of your 4×8 CNC router, maintenance is mandatory. It is also useful to keep your machine fine clean and get good performance for day-to-day work. Here we are discussing the most important aspects according to the manufacturer’s guideline to keep your Router fine and durable.

  • You should keep your machine clean before or after work.
  • Check the machine thoroughly; if any part is broken, then replace it. Broken parts create hazel while performing important parts. Or sometimes not even work. So inspect your machine once a week.
  • Refresh your control system, delete the old or save them into an external drive for later use if the files are important.
  • Change the machine belt periodically.
  • Enrich your machine bearing with lubricants from time to time to reduce noise and increase speed.
  • Change the vacuum pump oil once a month.
  • Keep the environment clean and cool.

5. What are the applications of the 4x8 CNC Router?

4×8 CNC Routers are utilized in industries in the following manners.


  • Building Industries: 4×8 CNC Router is utilizing general woodworking, e.g., for cabinets, windows, doors, facade and curtain walls, etc. It is used to engrave and decor the wood according to your given requirement.
  • Advertisement industry: The Router is used to decorate the signage indoor and outdoor in the form of 3D letters and funerals etc.
  • Models and Prototyping: The Router is utilized to develop models and prototyping your projects.
  • Plastic and composites: It works on ACP, ACM, and other hard surfaces.
  • Non-ferrous metals: It is used for non-ferrous metals and marine.

6. The top five advice 4x8 CNC Routers

4×8 CNC Routers are a single-time investment, so if you have plans to buy them, just follow the below list and choose it according to your budget and requirement.

1. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router Kit with the Router


The BobCNC is one of the best-selling 4×8 CNC routers on the international market. It meets the standard and is capable enough to work more effectively like three-axis CNC.


  • High performance with a powerful motor.
  • It offers a premium quality GT2 belt on the x and y-axis to work effectively.
  • Up-to-date SG20U based railing system
  • Ther Router comes up with an Arduino-based microprocessor and DW660 router.
  • Router kit (24″ x 24″ cutting area and 3.3″ of Z travel)

2. Camaster Cobra Elite 408


The Cobra Elite series comes with all basic and up-to-date properties. The router performance is highly commendable at a fair price.



  • Amazing Performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • 12 horse working power spindle
  • Come up with a 2-year warranty.
  • Made up with steel frames
  • High speed up to 1500 IPM

3. Axiom AR8 Elite


Axiom AR8 Elite comes up with good performance. The most prominent part of this machine is the HUST DSP controller, which is powerful. These machines are easy to use and 4th axis ready.



  • Amazing Performance with HUST DSP controller
  • Comes up with a robust steel frame and an interlocking.
  • It has a tool touch-off device.
  • 8” Z travel capacity
  • High cutting speed up to 320 RPM

4. Freedom Machine Tool Patriot CNC Router

reedom Machine Tool Patriot CNC Router

Freedom Machine Tool Patriot CNC Router is made up of steel frames and has precision motion components. The machine comes with a lifetime warranty and is very easy to configure.



  • It comes up with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is made up of a rigid steel frame, and it has a tool touch-off device.
  • Very easy to configure.
  • 7 Inch Z-axis
  • 220-volt 3-phase power

5. Maslow CNC Router Kit: Best on Budget

Maslow CNC Router Kit

Maslow’s CNC Router is the best choice if your budget is limited. It comes with all the necessary features at a fair price.


  • It offers open-source software that works on all operating systems.
  • Suitable for plywood, hardwood, hard plastic, and MDF
  • Very easy to scale up.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Z-axis functions

How deep can a 4×8 CNC Router cut?

The Cutting capacity of 4×8 CNC Routers is based on the following factors.

  • It is based on the size of a machine.
  • The temperature of the material is also a cause of the deep cut. If it is hard and cool, the cut speed will be low. If the material is soft, then the speed will be high.
  • The Sharpness of the end mill is an important factor of a machine cut.
  • For example, if you cut plywood, its cut intensity will be 0.75 to 0.8″.
  • It can cut 18mm thick MDF at once.
  • The Router cut acrylic plexiglass at 120 IPM at a depth of 0.003 inches.

Before cutting thick material, you can obtain the cutting value by dividing the total depth of the cut into numerous steps.

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