An Ultimate Guide for CNC Router Bits

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An Ultimate Guide for CNC Router Bits

cnc router bits

A CNC router bit is used to detach the material in a defined way. Today CNC routers are entirely controlled by computer technology, so these routers require a bit to make tangled cuts within a single command.

There is a wide variety of material and design cut by router bits becoming more trending and grown notably in diversity. Today’s market is full of so many types of CNC Router bits. Choosing the right bit for your project is not an easy job. You should need to thoroughly examine the bits first and then choose the right one.

Here we are going to clear the confusion regarding CNC router bits.

1.   Single-edge bits

It is suitable when your requirement is higher Speed than edge quality.

2.   Double-edge bits

It is suitable when your requirement is edge quality rather than Speed.

3.   Spiral bits

We used this bit only when we finished, or horsepower is limited.

4.   Up-cut spiral bits

The spiral-fluted bit is the most popular bit when it is used for slotting, grooving, or used for removing chips accurately. This bit is required when the material is coated or laminated on a single side.

5.   Down-cut spiral bits

It is used when the material is thin in structure. It is also used for a perfect finish on the top of the surface. It is not effective in chip removal.

6.   Spiral, straight, or shear bits:

It is used for composites, plywood, natural woods, and particleboard fabrication.

Features of CNC Router Bits

CNC router bits are more useful tools. There are two major bits. The features of these bits are given below:

  1. Drill Bit:

These bits are used to remove material straight down to the work-piece. It is the best choice to expel material fastly accurately. These bits require pre-drilling holes for screws of any project.

  1. Milling Bit:

It is also called cutters, carving bits, and end mills. These bits are recommended to design 3D products. They cut laterally across the surface.

The above-mentioned bits are the main categories. Many other variables are at play, i.e., bit material like solid carbide, HSS, carbide-tipped. For flute types like up cut, down cut, compression. For a number of flutes like 1-2 flutes, 2+ flutes, and for bit end, it is fishtail, engraving, V-bit, ball nose.

As the requirements move on, the specialty bits also have more premium profiles that are more applicable for special applications. These bits are required to drill holes, etch glass and make dovetails. Now it’s up to you to choose which bit is useful for your project. The prominent specialty bits have boring bits, miter fold bits, round over bits, and veining bits.

Router bits materials

High-speed steel (HSS)

It comes with high heat resistance, hardness, and wear resistance. It is best as compared to carbon steel when used for cutting tools and drill bits. It is commonly recommended for cutting foams. HSS is developed from raw ore, and it is heated because multiple melting points and minerals are added to enhance the internal structure. Its life is shorter as compared to other materials.

Solid carbide (SC)

It is hard and wear-resistant steel. SC bits come in different types. Quality-wise it comes from cheap to high quality that costs top dollars. If you intend to buy these SC bits, then you should be extra careful because there are many forms of carbide, i.e., tungsten carbide, beryllium carbide, silicon carbide, etc. one thing is important you have to use them with great care because these bits are brittle.


Carbide is an expensive material that has large-diameter router bits. It has a piece of carbide brazed with a steel body. In this way, you get carbide at less cost of the steel core body.

Solid tungsten carbide bits

These bits are made up of hard particles of tungsten carbide bound with metallic cobalt. These bits are durable and strong as compared to other bits.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits

PCD is made up of diamond particles. The diamond is further blended onto carbide substances that make it extremely hard and abrasive-resistant.

How to choose the right CNC router Bits?

Choosing the right CNC router bit still requires your attention. There are many points that should be considered before choosing the bit for your project.  Your project and material are the two main factors that should be focused on.

Project adaptability

Get each and every detail regarding your project. For example, Entire work like lettering requires V-bit. As the name shows, V-bit has a cutting profile in the V-shape. But sometimes V Bits are also called engraving bits, V-groove bits, or V-carving bits. The V-bits come with many different angles 60° and 90°. The small bit is used for smaller shapes and larger effects.


Material Compatibility

Make sure what material you are going to cut. Is it soft or hard? fiberglass, MDF, acrylic, or aluminum? Materials matter a lot. A Wrong bit can destroy your material. For example, plastic will require a specific bit. 

There are some of the other bits that should be considered.

  • 1/4″ up-cut 2-fluted end mill
  • 30° engraving bit
  • 1/8″ end mill and ball nose
  • 1/2″ end mill and ball nose

Things that should be considered Before cutting, engraving, or pocketing

The following points should be considered first.


You need to focus on the type of material and thickness of the material.

Cutting length

You need to set the cutting length first and then target the area and start cutting. The cutting length should be shorter than longer. The cutting length should not exceed four times the cutting diameter because, for the long cutting length, there is a risk of breaking the bits.

Cut Diameter

For the premium look, you must use the largest bit in the largest tool diameter.


Sharp bits are more useful than dull bits. The sharp cut bit us much more finely than the other.


You must have proper storage to keep the bit secure for later use of your project.

The above-mentioned information clears all your confusion regarding CNC Router bits. Now you can easily buy and work properly.

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