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As one professional CNC engraving machine supplier in China, We can supply different CNC engraving machine for wood & metal & aluminum
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As a leading company manufacturing in China, we have more than 10 years export experience. our own designer which are constantly innovating and developing different grade CNC engraving machine, we can manufacture different type of CNC engraving machines. such as CNC engraving machine for wood, CNC engraving machines for metal, CNC engraving machines for aluminum, 3D CNC engraving machine etc.

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CNC Engraving Machine for Metal

cnc router metal engraving machine

Metal Relief CNC Router

Max working size:1500*3000mm. Mainly for engraving&cutting cooper, aluminum, and other metals, signs, plaques etc.

LT2050-2 alluminum wall cnc machine

Alluminm sheet Cutting Router

With double heads. The max working size:2000*5000mm. Suitable for cutting, engraving, drilling, grooving of alluminum.

alluminum cnc router

Cutting Alluminum CNC Router

With double bridges. Suitable for special-shaped cutting, straight cutting, drilling, grooving of alluminum sheet.

CNC Engraving Machine for Wood

1325 wood cnc router

Wood CNC Router

Max working size:1300*2500mm. Used for 2D&3D engraving & cutting hardwood, rosewood, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, MDF, acrylic.

1325 with 3 heads

CNC Wood Carving Machine

With three single heads. Suitable for woodworking and advertising signs making. Such as doors, tables, chairs, other signages.

1325 wood cnc router

CNC Wood Router

With vacuum table and dust collector. Three heads special for woodworking, making lettering, 2D engraving, relief engraving, cutting

1325-10 cnc router

Solid Wood CNC Router

With vacuum table and 10 spindles. Suitable for 2D&3D carving, relief, processing 10 pieces at the same time.

1325 multifuction

Multifunction Wood CNC Router

At an affordable price.With vacuum table and rotary axis. Suitable for processing flat board and cylinder wood.

1825-6 multifunction

Cylinder flat Wood CNC Router

With 6 spindle heads. Special for cylinder engraving and flat engraving. The countertop is removable.

CNC Engraving Machine for Stone

LT9015 cnc router

Headstone CNC Router

The working size: 900*1500mm. Engraving & cutting all kinds of marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, headstone, etc.

LT1825-2 cnc router

Stone CNC Router

The max working size:1800*2500mm. With dual spindle heads. Making lettering, 2D&3D engraving, relief engraving, cutting, etc.

LT2813-4 stone cnc router

Stone CNC Engraving Machine

With four single heads. Processing artificial stone, marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, metal, non-metal, etc.

LT2012-10 stone cnc router

Stone CNC Engraving Machine

With 10 spindle heads. Processing 10 pieces of stones at the same time. Making 2D & 3D engraving, relief engraving, etc.

LT3015-2 cnc router

Stone Working Center

With double station. Multifunction working center, suitable for engraving, cutting, drilling and grinding all types of stone.

stone cnc router

4 Axis Cylinder CNC Router

The diameter of rotary: 300mm. Working lenghth:1800mm. Suitable for column natural marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone etc.

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Good Quality Control

We have quality control system for each CNC engraving machine. we will test it before delivery.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can give you custom design services for your size CNC router machine, OEM accept.

Competitive Price

We can give you competitive price for the CNC router machine to help you enlarge your local business.

Fast Delivery Time

We can give you 7-15 days fast delivery time for your OEM CNC router machine order.

Our Projects

Stone Fair

Poland Client purchase stone CNC router

Plywood package of CNC Router

Russia Client purchase CNC router for metal

CNC Router

UAE Client purchase CNC router for wood

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Lucky to find ANBUCNC on internet, we purchase the right CNC router machine for our client with less price than other local competitor.
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
It is my first time to purchase wood CNC router machine from China. good quality. they give me good advice on delivery and custom clearance.
Roger M Lambdin
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They give us fast respond for CNC router machine software question, even it is not working time. it give us big help for our projects.
John Phillip
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our payment term is : T/T, D/P and LC at sight. Mostly client use is TT 30% deposit, the balance money paid before shipment.

For the delivery time depend on the quantities. usually for less than 3 sets of CNC Router Machines, the delivery time is about 7 working days. Sometimes, we have machines in stock.

The word engraving refers to a cutting work technique. It is the art of carving a design into a hard surface used for decoration and labeling on the different surfaces by using an engraving tool which is made of solid carbide.

In the past, before the concept of industrialization and successive imminent mechanisms, most crafts were done in a simple operation. There were no rotation and stationary tools for engraving.

Now there are many innovative types of CNC engraving machines available. These machines make the work easy for the artist. So, there are fewer chances of error with this innovation of CNC engraving machines.

The majority of the present-day engraving techniques can be assembled into two principal classes: CNC Rotary and Laser embossing. Nonetheless, one of them, CNC Rotary doesn’t work for weak or delicate materials, and Laser embossing can cause dangerous perilous circumstances. Subsequently, these two machines have different strategies, which are utilized conversely in an entire host of uses.

CNC rotary engraving

  • Indoor and open-air signage
  • Nameplates
  • 3D effects on Acrylic, Wood, and so forth.

CNC laser engraving

  • Trophy marking
  • Bar Codes & information plates
  • Glass, Crystal, Leather, Fabrics & Paper messaging

CNC machining is also used for engraving:

  • Metal Jewelry & Gifts
  • Personalized and customize items
  • device embossing

Most importantly, you need to focus on durability and build quality of the CNC engraving machine. Indeed, even the most pleasantly looking engraver; however, with average build quality won’t guarantee appropriate activity. This can cause spiked edges, burrs, and it can cause abnormal vibrations that can mislead the cutting by moving away from the material from its working zone. The machine cannot have sliding components since they will rapidly scrape, and will happen. To avoid this from happening, roller bearing and ball screw gears should be applied, which will permit the disposal of backfire.

Concerning the control framework, engraving machines which integrate with the computer system by means of serial or parallel ports have just left date. For enormous works, specifically 3D ones, the data can go up to many megabytes. Right now just Ethernet and technology-dependent on it become an integral factor, which empowers helpful activity of the machine with full representation while working progressively.

A profoundly significant thing is additionally the control programming or the Software. Disregard the printer driver which permits “printing” to the engraving machine. The engraving control software should produce the apparatus way itself (interior and outer corrections, simultaneous and counter treatment, unearthing pockets with recognition of islands, chipping away at numerous phases of plunge cutting, cutting corners with engraving cutter, and so forth)

Last but not least, speed is the element that should be considered before buying any CNC engraving machine. The quickest engraving machines arrive at the feed rate up to 1500mm/s, yet the speed 150mm/s is adequate. Machines which arrive at a speed not surpassing 50mm/s can be considered as toys or small household engraving machines.

Yes,  we can sell as one set CNC router machine for you. if the quality is good, you can purchase much in next time.

Yes, OEM service is available. we can use your own brand and print your logo on the machine.

Currently,  engravings are made with CNC engraving machines or with manual engraving machines. CNC engraving machines operate with the milling path by using the CAD-CAM Software. This Software used to create from the drawing and transmits control to the device works flawlessly.


With the advancement of technology, the engraving machine is entirely computer-based and less error-prone as compared to other manual engraving machines. They are relatively fast and efficient.


The worth considering point is that you no need to stand by the workpiece during engraving. So, in the meanwhile may also consider other work and save your precious time and increase your productivity level.

Engraving is the speciality of cutting, carving, or drawing into a material. Distinctive engraving machines exist to chip away at various materials or through multiple techniques. Woods, metals, gemstones, cowhide, plastics, and stones are the types of materials that can be engraved. A couple of standard kinds of engraving machines are the:

  • Mechanical engraving machine
  • Laserengraver
  • Jewellery engraver
  • Photo engraver.

Mechanical engraving machine

A mechanical engraving machine utilizes a model or stencil to create the design on to the material. The design on the material is then marked by the cutter. Mechanical engravers have generally been a significant piece of the printing cycle. With the help of images and letters that are printed on the pages by printing machines, the perfect picture or lettering is engraved onto wood or metal plates.

Laser engraver

The laser engravers are more present-day development, and they have become well-known kinds of engraving machines. In contrast to the mechanical machines, in a laser engraver, a cutting apparatus, for example, a bit or rotary cutter doesn’t stamp the material; all things considered, a laser accomplishes the work. The whole process is monitored and operated by a computer and Software as the work is more complicated than the mechanical ones. Sometimes the Software that is required to run the entire process is included in the kit in the form of a disc, or sometimes, it can be purchased separately depending upon the machine scope.

Jewellery engravers

Most Jewelry engravers are considered to be part of laser engravers. These machines are uncommonly intended to deal with the sensitive work of jewellery engraving. Engraving jewellery is an old process that is being carried out from the past thousands of years. However, laser machines are more accurate, precise, and fast than more old models of engraving machines. The laser engravers can work smoothly on the flat and curved surfaces. The jewellery engravers have additionally become progressively more modest, so they can now effortlessly be found at little shops or even stands where clients may demand customized engravings on rings and other materials such as watches, photograph frames, and different tokens. They can also work on instruments, trophies, pets, clinical equipment, and other serial number plates.

Photograph engraving machines

This one is also considered to be the part of laser engraving machines, and it is considered to be the 4th type of CNC engraving machines. With the assistance of specific programming, these machines imprint photographic pictures, rather than just content or basic designs, into metal, woods, or another form of materials. These inscriptions may show up on pet labels, behind watches, and paperweights. These machines are often seen in public places as well, where users select their preferred products and customize it in their own way.

Choosing the right manufacturer for your product is one of the best achievements. There are many possible ways to find the best manufacturer for your CNC engraving machines. These sources are available online, or you can find them physically. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Local trade show/ Trade fair

Local trade shows provide you with an opportunity to meet your manufacturer face to face. It is an exhibition where many famous manufacturers showcase their products live. They elaborate on their features and show their performance live. In these shows, the competition and authentication of competitors are guaranteed. The sponsors of these trade shows verify the manufacturer. You will not face any ambiguity while attending them.


There are many online trading companies available on the internet. These companies follow a business to the business model, where you find your CNC engraving machine’s manufacturer easily. You just need to apply your desired filters on these sites to choose them. Here we are recommending you the best two companies.

  • Alibaba
  • Made-in-china

These trading companies provide you with each and every detail regarding CNC engraving machines. You can check the following information.

  • Product features
  • Bulk order price
  • Company information
  • Company license.
  • Shipment plan
  • Sample
  • Payment method
  • Delivery time.
  • Availability
  • Customer support.
  • Response rate

Online trading companies:

There are many online trading sites available. Here we are recommending the two best-trading sites, which are: Alibaba and made in china. These sites provide you with full details regarding manufacturers. These details are as under:

  • Availability
  • Customer support.
  • Shipment process.
  • Return policy
  • Payment method.
  • Ready to provide a sample.
  • Delivery time.

You may verify their products through third-party verification. On the basis of the report, you may proceed further.

Personal Blog

Many companies have their own website. Here they provide the complete detail of their product and other policies to their customer that how to reach them. So, you just need to filter out and plan meetings with them.

Social Media sources:

Social media is also the biggest source to find a manufacturer for your CNC engraving machines. Today companies have built verified profiles on multiple social media channels. You can find your desired manufacturer within seconds just by applying a few clicks. There are many social networks available on the internet. These network channels are given below:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

These five channels are professionally used to find the manufacturer from social sites. They have shown company information and pictorial information regarding their products.

Visit Factory

You have the option to visit the factories of many companies physically to get the first-hand experience. You can choose the right manufacturer shortly. From this source, you can meet the manufacturer personally and inspect the product features.

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