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As one professional CNC Machine Center supplier in China, We can supply different CNC router machine for stone, wood & metal etc.
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As a leading CNC Machine Center manufacturer in China, we have more than 10 years CNC router production experience. our own designer constantly innovating and developing different CNC router machine, we can manufacture different type of CNC machine center machines. such as CNC stone cutting machine, wood CNC router, metal CNC router, 3D CNC engraving machine etc.

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Popular CNC Machine Center Machine

ATC CNC Machine Center

Working size:130cm*250cm
Application: Drilling, cutting, edging and polishing of all kinds of quartz stone countertops

Affordable ATC CNC Machine Center

Working size:130cm*250cm
Application: Widely used for drilling, cutting, edging, and polishing of all kinds of quartz stone countertops

Pneumatic ATC CNC Machine Center

Working size:3000cm*1800cm
Application: Drilling, cutting, edging and polishing of all kinds of quartz stone countertops

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We have quality control system for each CNC router machine testing. we will test it before delivery.

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Our own designer can give you custom design services for your size CNC router machine, OEM accept.

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We can give you competitive price for the CNC router machine to help you enlarge your local business.

Fast Delivery Time

We can give you 7-15 days fast delivery time for your OEM CNC router machine order.

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Your can visit our CNC router machine factory directly, we are located in zhengzhou city. the middle of China. it is 30 minutes by car from the near international xinzheng airport.

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Lucky to find ANBUCNC on internet, we purchase the right CNC router machine for our client with less price than other local competitor.
Jhone Smith
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It is my first time to purchase wood CNC router machine from China. good quality. they give me good advice on delivery and custom clearance.
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They give us fast respond for CNC router machine software question, even it is not working time. it give us big help for our projects.
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The Ultimate Guide for CNC Machine Center

The Ultimate Guide of CNC Machine Center machine type, function, standard and feature.

Best CNC Machine Center Suppliers in China

Anbu CNC is one leading 4×8 CNC router manufacturer in middle of China. we located in Zhengzhou city, which is 30 minutes from airport. we mainly produce variety of 4×8 CNC router machine,  CNC cutting machine, stone CNC center machine and different style of CNC router machine for wood, metal, stone etc.

For our CNC router machine factory have more than 50 workers, we can produce your order in short delivery time. we will delivery each order in 20 days, so we can help your business in short time.

We have CE EN certificate for Europe client market.  it can give you quality cnc router machine promise. our experienced team is committed to provide customers with higher quality, faster delivery for your CNC router order.

We supply your one year free after sales services, for CNC router parts can free supply if machine have quality problem. our professional after-sales make us enjoy a good reputation among our clients.

Send your CNC router inquiry to us get fast quote now!

The Ultimate Guide to CNC Machine Center

The CNC router is a computer numerical control router that transforms or processes the stones or metal or wood. You can transfigure all kinds of stones like granite, tombstone, artificial stones, marble, etc., into any shape or design. you can use cnc router to treat metal and wood as your working need.

This ultimate FAQ will guide you about the 4×8  CNC router machine purchase.

1. How does the CNC machine center work?

Depending on the requirement of tools for the work, one may need only one tool or maybe requires various types of tools for proper functioning. In order to meet that requirement of the diverse range of tools for the task, one must operate a CNC machine center. This machine contains two main parts, which are the most important for making it unique from others. One is an Automatic Part  Changer (APC), and the other is an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC).


Automatic Part Changer helps to handle the parts between the machine and station during the pallet transfer system.


Automatic Tool Changer deals with the rapid change of the tools to save production time. It changes the tool within 2 seconds. As it is a CNC machine, it operates with a program that is basically a code or instructions. The manufacturing operator feeds instructions in the form of software to the drive control of the machine; then, the machine unit starts the proceedings.


The CNC machine center can control the motion in different axes. Each axis has an axis drive system. The machine contains a servo drive motor which transfers power to the mechanical movement. There is a ball screw that transfers power from the servo drive motor to the axis drive system.


There is a right-hand rule for the arrangement of the axes, and you should always match the spindle with the Z-axis.

wood cnc router engraving machine

2. What are the types of CNC machining centers?

According to the configuration or the position of the spindle, one can classify the CNC machining center into three types.

Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)

Vertical Machining Center (VMC)

Universal Machining Center (UMC)


Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)

Just like the name, the position of the spindle, which consists of the cutting tool, in this type of machine is horizontal, i.e., parallel to the floor. One of the benefits of this type is that it comes with a replaceable tool magazine that can hold the capacity of up to 100 tools. As you can use these machines for the cutting of heavy material, it usually requires heavy cutting tools for that purpose.


To deal with that large space is necessary for the tools in the magazine. So the magazines will be heavier in HMC. For the higher precision in work, you can use HMC with four axes. It makes the B-axis functional, which rotates the table horizontally. In addition to this, the horizontal direction staves off the chips from piling up on the workpiece. HMC is more expansive than the VMC due to its precision and flexibility.


Vertical Machining Center (VMC)

The position of the spindle in the vertical machining center is vertical while the table moves horizontally on the X and Y-axes, which enables the three-dimensional work. Some VMC comes with the option of the fourth axis, and you can use that for indexing or a pull rotary motion. This type of machining center is apt for the mold industry.


 In the minimum installation spaces, it is the best choice. The only drawback of this machine is that the chips accumulate on the workpiece because of the machining on the top of the workpiece. You can solve this problem by using the compressed air blower or rinsing with lubricant.


Universal Machining Center (UMC)

This type of machine consists of 5 or more axes. It is quite similar to the horizontal machining center, but in this machine, the spindle rotates from horizontal to vertical. In the 5-axis machine, you need only one setup to different machine sides of a workpiece which results in more accuracy. In this, you also gain access to the top surface of the workpiece.

You can use this type of machine in making heavy and complex parts like in the aerospace industry.

3. What is the difference between a CNC machining center and a CNC mill?

CNC mill is a machine you can use for cutting a larger piece of any material into well-defined inclined, horizontal, and vertical planes. The purpose of the milling machine is to turn the piece of material into the shape of your choice.


You can use it for slitting or helical grooves; you produce a flat surface, helical, or any contoured surface with a milling machine. Milling machines can be manual and CNC, performing the same function of tapping and drilling. The only difference is that manual machines are cheaper, but CNC milling machines are highly efficient in their work.


The CNC machine center is a machine that can perform multiple processes, including milling so, it can be a better option for larger-scale milling and other industrial-based operations.

If we talk about the difference between a CNC machining center and a CNC milling machine, the CNC machine center contains an automatic tool-changing device.


The CNC milling machine does not contain this sort of device. So a CNC machine center enables us to perform in a more efficient and time-saving way than a CNC milling machine. The only thing it requires is the installation of different tools for a certain task on the tool magazine. The machine will ensure the rest of the process.


The other difference between these machines is about the axes. The CNC milling machine uses only X, Y, and Z axes, while the CNC machine center can realize 4 or 5 axes. The CNC machine center needs a CNC rotary table for the 4 to 5 axes.

4. List of 5 CNC Machine Center Manufacturers in China

For the comfort of the customers, we are providing the 5 top manufacturing companies from where you can buy your CNC machine center without any second thoughts. For the best experience and assurance, book your factory visit if possible. Otherwise, we are already offering you the details of a few companies so that you can get an idea of what to expect and search for before buying from manufacturers. This list assures you the quality, experience, and expertise as these are technology-based machines.


  1. Nantong Guosheng Intelligence Technology Group Co., LTD

This company is working in the technology field since 1999. In the beginning, it processes only sheet metals, and now their focus is on manufacturing other CNC machining centers like horizontal machining center, gantry machining center, 5 axis machine center, tools necessary for the CNC machines.


Its products also own second place in the Jiangsu science and technology progress award. They also have long-term partnerships with German, Swedish, Canadian and Japanese companies.




Quality Management System Certificate



Add: No. 2, Yongtong Road, Guangzhou Economic Development Zone, Nantong, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


  1. Tengzhou Chenghai Machine Tool Co., Ltd

This company is manufacturing machinery goods for the past ten years. Initially, they start the work with research and sales of lathe and then with manufacturing CNC products. They are very eager to enhance the quality and technology of their products, as they are well-trusted manufacturers. This company invariably shows interest in cooperation with other companies, so it will be a reasonable option for the customers.


Main Products

CNC Machining Center

CNC Milling


Drilling Machine






No.1111 Xinhua Road, Luban Street, Tengzhou, Shandong, China


  1. Zhejiang Kaida Machine Tool Co., Ltd

With 22 patents and 106 engineers at the moment, this company is functional since 1952. It is working with tech reforms and exporting its products all over the world. This company not only manufactures electric parts but also a variety of CNC machines for almost 25 different regions in China and 70 countries.


Main Products

CNC Machining Center

Manual Lathe


Horizontal Machining Center

CNC Gantry Milling






Certificate of Environment Management System



Gaohuyan Road Huandong Street Zhuji City Zhejiang China (Head Office)


  1. Shandong Weida Heavy Industries Co., Ltd

Shandong is one of the prominent and leading companies in this list for providing their preeminent services from 2001.  A lot of senior engineers and technicians are putting their efforts on a daily basis to provide excellent services to their customers. Their main is Europe and America while covers almost 70 regions overall. It owns the title of ‘Shandong Famous Brand.’


Main Products

CNC VMC and HMC series

CNC Milling Machine series

Universal Knee-type Milling Machine series

Milling/Drilling Machine series







No. 1999, West Beixin Road, Zaozhuang, Shandong, China.


  1. Dalian Mach Co., Ltd

Dalian Mach is a manufacturing company with more than 11 years of experience. This company is putting every effort into making its products the first choice of the customers. To mark that difference, their engineers and other professionals make sure about the product from manufacturing to installation and testing. The main market of this company is America and Africa.

Main Products

CNC Machining Center

CNC Lathe Machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machine



ISO 9001:2008

GB/T 19001:2008




No. 905, Channel 9 Building, Dalian, Liaoning, China

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