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As one professional stone CNC router machine supplier in China, We can supply different stone CNC router machine for stone, wood & metal etc.
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As a leading stone CNC Router manufacturer in China, we have more than 10 years CNC router production experience. our own designer constantly innovating and developing different stone CNC router machine, we can manufacture different type of stone CNC router machines. such as CNC stone cutting machine, stone CNC machines center, headstone CNC router, 3D CNC engraving machine etc.

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Popular Stone CNC Router Machine

Stone CNC Router Machine for granite

Working size:130cm*250cm
Application: engraving relief, line carving, word carving, special-shaped cutting, slotting of all kinds of stone.

Double head Stone CNC Router Machine

Working size:180cm*250cm
Application: engraving&cutting all kinds of stone, you can process two pieces of stone less than 90cm*250cm at the same time.

Four head Stone CNC Router Machine

Working size:280cm*130cm
Used for engraving&cutting all kinds of stone. Four pieces of stone less than 70cm*130cm can be processed at the same time.

Stone CNC Router Machine for headstone

Working size:90cm*150cm
Used for engraving & cutting all kinds of stone, especially for relief carvings and lettering of the tombstone/headstone/gravestone.

Stone CNC Router Machine for column

Working size:Φ30cm*180cm
Used for relief engraving and line carving of various columnar stones, such as stone staircase handrails, stone Roman columns, etc.

ATC Multifunction Stone Working Center

Working size:130*250cm
Application: engraving, drilling, special-shaped cutting, edging and polishing of all kinds of quartz stone countertops

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Good Quality Control

We have quality control system for each CNC router machine testing. we will test it before delivery.

Custom OEM Design

Our own designer can give you custom design services for your size CNC router machine, OEM accept.

Competitive Price

We can give you competitive price for the CNC router machine to help you enlarge your local business.

Fast Delivery Time

We can give you 7-15 days fast delivery time for your OEM CNC router machine order.

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fireplace stone cnc router

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Your can visit our stone CNC router machine factory directly, we are located in zhengzhou city. the middle of China. it is 30 minutes by car from the near international xinzheng airport.

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Lucky to find ANBUCNC on internet, we purchase the right CNC router machine for our client with less price than other local competitor.
Jhone Smith
Purchase Manager
It is my first time to purchase wood CNC router machine from China. good quality. they give me good advice on delivery and custom clearance.
Roger M Lambdin
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They give us fast respond for CNC router machine software question, even it is not working time. it give us big help for our projects.
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The Ultimate Guide for Stone CNC Router

The Ultimate Guide of stone CNC router machine type, function, standard and feature.

Best Stone CNC Router Suppliers in China

Anbu CNC is one leading stone CNC router manufacturer in middle of China. we located in Zhengzhou city, which is 30 minutes from airport. we mainly produce variety of stone CNC router machine, stone CNC cutting machine, stone CNC center machine and different style of CNC router machine for wood, metal, stone etc.

For our CNC router machine factory have more than 50 workers, we can produce your order in short delivery time. we will delivery each order in 20 days, so we can help your business in short time.

We have CE EN certificate for Europe client market.  it can give you quality cnc router machine promise. our experienced team is committed to provide customers with higher quality, faster delivery for your CNC router order.

We supply your one year free after sales services, for CNC router parts can free supply if machine have quality problem. our professional after-sales make us enjoy a good reputation among our clients.

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The Ultimate Guide to The Stone CNC Router

The stone CNC router is a computer numerical control router that transforms or processes the stones. You can transfigure all kinds of stones like granite, tombstone, artificial stones, marble, etc., into any shape or design. 

This ultimate FAQ will guide you about the stone CNC router machine purchase.

1. What is Stone CNC Router?

Stone CNC router is fundamentally the electric mechanical tool that uses the instruction and dictation from the software in the computer and helps you carve and engrave whatever design you want.


The idea behind the introduction of the stone CNC router is to do work more efficiently than done by the NC router.


This computerized numerical control enhances the chances of accuracy and perfection in your work. You only need a person to operate this machine, and unlike manual machine workers, less skilled people can also operate a stone CNC router. They only need training for the operation of the machine, which is not that hard or difficult. There are narrow chances of errors due to less human interaction. 


Even if an error still occurs, the software will automatically stop the machine.

So apart from efficiency and accuracy, we can say that using a stone CNC router is a safer option to use as it minimizes the chances of damage.

stone cnc router machine

2. How does a Stone CNC router work?

You can now easily, within a short span of time, turn an ordinary piece of stone into an esthetic piece of art. Stone CNC router can do all sorts of things, from inscription to making large-scale sculptures. Initially, the CNC routers move in the two-axis X and Y, but now the router can perform in the three axes simultaneously, including Z parallel to the tool spindle. 


A Stone CNC router works like any other CNC router. It requires dictation from the CAM and CAD files; they provide a blueprint for the stone CNC router to trace the design.


Stone is difficult to work with, especially when it comes to carving, but the highly efficient CNC router machines can make it trouble-free. However, the hard stones require a slow speed rate. 

The stone CNC router needs the command from G-code (Geometric Code) to operate. This code tells the machine how to and what to do. If there is no G-code, then the user must make a vector file and design with the assistance of CAD, which he will convert into G-code with CAM software. The CNC control software will make sure the rest of the process with direction from G-code.

3. How Many Types of Stone CNC router?

There are multiple ranges of Stone CNC routers. Each type is used for some specific functioning. In this section, we will be discussing the wide range of stone CNC routes with their specifications and functioning. The difference in the types depends on the usage of the product, whether you are going to use it on a larger scale or smaller scale.

CNC Jade Carving Router

The CNC jade carving router is especially used for making jewelry. It comes in a small size with very affordable prices, and you can adjust it anywhere. A lot of designers and jewelers use this machine who are into jades.

4 Axis Stone Carving Router for Stone

It is a heavy-duty 3D carving router that industrialists use for making sculptures, statues, furniture, and stone column. It uses a high-speed spindle to make the product effective.

3 Axis Stone CNC Router

This CNC router contains Z-axis accurate for carving the natural marble headstones.

Multipurpose Stone CNC Router for Memorial Stone, Headstone, and Tombstone

This type of CNC router majorly uses a stone for manufacturing different headstones, tombstones, etc., from marble, granite, artificial stone, sandstone. However, you can all use crystal, wood, bamboo, etc. This is also an affordable choice for industrial scale.

Large format CNC Stone Cutting Router With Dual Spindle

Another CNC stone router suitable for large-scale industries with dual spindles to maximize efficiency. It is best for industries that make curb paving stone, stone processing industries, art & craft industries, etc.

Linear ATC Stone CNC Carving Router

This stone carving router is different from others in the sense that it contains a linear automatic tool. This changer contains  6 tools and changes them automatically during carving.

4. How to choose a stone CNC router?

Choosing the machine, especially if it’s CNC, can be difficult, but if you do a correct search by keeping the following points in mind, it will be a very easy task.

Your Need

Keep in mind this point as it is the first step in selection. The purchase of the router must be according to your requirement, whether you need it for a small-scale business or a large industrial scale.

Operating System

Ask the manufacturing companies about the operating system of the stone CNC router you are choosing to buy. It would be better if you invest in the advanced software as your CNC router depends on that.

Automatic Tool Changer

The stone CNC router with an automatic tool changer is the best option for you if your application requires that. It decreases your time and increases the chances of accuracy.

Type of Motor

Stone CNC routers usually have either a stepper or a servo motor. Servo motors are for high-speed work, while you can use stepper motors for low-medium speed work, and they are cheaper than servo motors.

Weight of Router

Most of the time, when you are dealing with stone CNC routers, you need bigger and heavier ones. The heavier machines tend to be durable and perform way much better.  So if frequent mobility is not your issue, look for the heavier ones.


The stone CNC routers of substandard quality can wear down within a short period. Look and invest in a durable router that is going to last for a longer period.


The spindle for the stones is different from the one you use for woodwork and other soft materials. It is necessary to use the spindle with large torque. Torque (strength) depends on the current of the spindle.

Grinding stone is a time-consuming process, so the bearing of the spindle should be of good quality.

The spindle that works for soft material is the low-power water cooling spindle, while for hard material, the air cooling spindle is the best choice.

Vacuum and Dust Collector

The vacuum and dust collector is the most important part of a stone CNC router. Without these two parts, you can face a hard time. As we know that the dust from grinding or carving stone is in powder form. This dust can easily go into the spindle and can cause serious damage.


The last but most important thing is that you must purchase the machine according to your requirement while keeping the above points in mind. Now, if you talk about the cost, it varies depending on the features. If you are buying just for your interest, you can go with the low to average cost stone CNC router. For large-scale industrial purposes, one must buy a reliable, durable, and budget-friendly but efficient one.

5. How to find a good a Stone CNC router manufacturer?

After knowing about the things you must check before purchasing a stone CNC router, the question about the good manufacturer comes to mind. A good manufacturer is as important as any part of the router itself. Now we will tell you how you can easily find a good manufacturer of a stone CNC router. In this guide, you will come to know how you can purchase if you are local or if you are a foreigner.

There are many points of leverage for you if you are a local buyer but, it doesn’t mean that a foreigner can be a victim of a scam. Even a foreigner can deal with the manufacturer in the best possible way in this digital era.

1. Search Engines

If you are a technology user who loves to rely on the internet, you can find a lot of manufacturers. Even if you are not from China, you can still search for the best ones from Google. Many websites are available on Google with the rating from the foreigners. They share their experiences on those websites, and it can help you.

2. Social Media

Social media is another platform to get information about the manufacturer. Many of the manufacturers own profile pages to reach them out.

When we talk about social media, there is a drawback for foreigners as many countries do not allow access to the social media of certain countries. Language can be a hindrance for non-native while using this type of platform. But nowadays, we share some common platform to get to know each other without language issues. If you are able to get access to those social platforms, it will be a piece of cake for you to find the best manufacturer.

3. B2B Platform

Apart from social media, you can reach a good manufacturer with the help of B2B platforms. Most popular among those are Alibaba and Made-in-China.

Even if you are a non-native buyer, B2B is the most reliable source for you. Even this platform is going to take your time, but that would not be a problem for a huge investment. As a foreign, you also have to consider a lot of other points in mind, especially the laws and overseas shipment.

4. Exhibition and Fairs

Every year, many countries organize international exhibitions and fairs to attract not only native buyers but also non-natives as well.

Most of the exhibitions and fairs are for attracting foreign buyers as well. We recommend you to visit those exhibitions in-person for a better experience and one-to-one interaction with the manufacturing companies for long-term business relations. Even if it’s not possible for you to visit in-person, you can virtually visit those exhibitions. Every detail and videos of the authentic manufacturers are also available on the website of those exhibitions. You can use that information to contact the manufacturer suitable for you.

5. Site Visit

Just like the exhibition or fair you can visit the site if it’s possible for you but if you can not visit there are many videos available.


There are many other points that can bother any buyer, whether native or non-native. Legitimacy authentic samples, legal aspects, and most important, taxes & tariffs at the time of shipment are the matters that bother a non-native buyer more than the native buyer. We can suggest that you must hire a trustworthy local supplier to deal with all the issues bothering you.

Follow these five steps to import stone CNC router machine from China.

    • Find two or three right suppliers, which you think is appropriate for your business.
    • Ask those suppliers to send a sample of cnc router video. Give instructions about your requirements.
    • Note down the delivery time and check the quality of the sample product. After that, choose one manufacturer with whom you want to continue your business.
    • Tell the manufacturer your demands and specifications and place your order.
    • Search out for the supplier who will do all customs clearance and shipment processes.
    • Make all the essential arrangements to receive your shipment.

In this ultimate guide we have focused every perspective related to the stone CNC router machine. This guide will assist you, at every stage of purchasing stone CNC router machine from the best manufacturers.

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