Which is best option for buying used CNC router or new CNC router?

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Which is best option for buying used CNC router or new CNC router?

used cnc router

Worth considering factors to buying used CNC router or a new CNC router?

Before moving to the options for buying a used cnc router or a new cnc router, we first know about what actually CNC Router is? CNC Stands for Computer numerical control. The router is  famous for many other terms like CNC routing machine, CNC carver, CNC cutter, CNC engraver, digital router, CNC carving machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC engraving machine, C and C router, CNC router machine, CNC router kit, CNC router table.

This tool is used for cutting, grooving, drilling, milling, sanding, polishing, carving, engraving of every kind of material i.e.

  • Softwood
  • Solid wood
  • Plywood
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • PVC
  • PCB
  • ACM
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • copper
  • MDF
  • Stone
  • Foam

Buy a new or used CNC Router which is best?


It is hard to decide for you which is best to buy a new or used CNC router. Now the question arises in your mind: what will be the advantage of buying new or old? It’s obvious both of the two have many advantages and disadvantages. There is no doubt CNC machines are cheap but the maintenance and processing costs are uncertain.

In this blog post, we have listed some important factors that should be followed whether you are going to buy a new or used CNC router. These factors make you able to decide what will be best for you to buy  a new CNC Router or Used CNC router for your work.

Difference between new or Used CNC Router

Many CNC beginners think that a used CNC router is good for them to fulfill their needs. On the other hand, experts are willing to buy new one. For beginners, a used CNC router is budget friendly because it is difficult for them to buy new machinery which is expensive. There are many risks involved in buying a CNC router which is invisible. Here we are discussing the most important  points to resolve your all queries .

1.  Manufacturer/Sellers

The first and most important aspect is manufacturing because it states the quality of a machine. Before purchasing the new or used machine from a seller you should need to ask about the manufacturer of the router. There are a variety of brands available in the market for used or new CNC router machines. Some of them are producing quality products and others are just breaking trust. So consider these points mentioned below and decide a smart option.

  • Used CNC router

For purchasing a used CNC Router machine you should verify the manufacturer first. You need to check the reliability and its public rating from the following ways.

  1. Open the google browser.
  2. Type the manufacturer name
  3. Open the official site.
  4. Check their certificate( CE, BV, TUV, SGS,etc)
  5. Check their feedback or rating.

By ensuring these factors now choose the best used CNC router for your work from the right manufacturer.

  • New CNC router

One of the most worthy points is when you buy a new CNC router from a certified manufacturer you may communicate straight forward with the salesperson or engineer. Many advantages listed below:

  • You have the right to visit the factory and inspect elements there.
  • Engineers and sales people assist you to understand the functionality and help you in the installation.
  • Buying a new one also saves your precious time and effort.

2. Cost/Budget

Cost of a CNC router is the most effective factor to buy a CNC router.

Used CNC Router:

The used CNC router price is approximately between $1000 to $50,000. This price is less than a new CNC router price. If your seller gives you a guarantee that the machine is working fine and no risk involved. Then you can buy it, otherwise the machine becomes faulty day by day and you waste money in this way.

New CNC router:

The price of a new CNC router is higher as compared to a used CNC router. New CNC router is trustworthy because all parts are new and no risk factor involved. But the beginners of CNC routers who want to practice are under budget to buy them.

3. Durability

The most demanding feature that every buyer considers. CNC Routers is a long term investment so every buyer demands our router should be durable.

Used CNC router:

 A used CNC router service life is not sure because they came out of warranty. But some manufacturers who are selling the used CNC Router offer a local warranty that they have checked the machine at their own risk and they assure the buyer that they will repair if any issue occurs. As we mentioned that the machine is a long term investment which supports your business so must check the service life before buying. Don’t buy a machine without warranty even if it is local.

 New CNC router:

It is obvious that a new CNC Router comes in full warranty and the buyer is sure about its service life. When you are buying a new machine just ask about the warranty card or you can verify the warranty on their official sites. The manufacturer offers full support to you when you buy them a new CNC router. The service life of CNC Router starts from 01 to 10 year almost. This service life varies from many to many brands.

4. Function and Machine History:

With the passage of time the functionality of CNC Router is updated. The model and softwares are going to update on every new configuration to make the machine more user friendly.

Used CNC router:

Functionality is the main core of any CNC router machine. If the functionality of a used CNC router is according to your requirement and the machine is in good condition then you can buy it for your practice. But if the version and software is not according to your requirement and software is rather old then we recommend you to not buy such a machine because it will not get any good support in the local market. Your machine will become obsolete day by day.

New CNC router:

New CNC Router comes in the latest functionality with updated softwares. There are many CNC routers available in the market choose it according to your work requirement and verify its functionality i.e. size, speed and other processings. If you want a customized setting you just need to inform the salesperson they will assist you in this process as well.

5.Purchase Time

Time is the biggest asset so use it wisely.

Used CNC Routers:

To find a Used CNC Router is time consuming. You have to put your full time and efforts to find the right machine for your work

New CNC Router:

There are many online options available to buy new CNC routers. Here we are suggesting you the best of the best sources.

Online Options

  • google.com
  • Made-in-china.com
  • Alibaba.com
  • Social networking sites
  • Personal Blogs

Offline Options

  • Trading Fairs, like China canton fair 
  • Physically visiting factories

To put the story in a nutshell, we have mentioned all the possible factors which affect you to buy a new or used CNC router. So, it’s your choice to make a smart decision.


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